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Testing and tagging

Test and tag or testing and tagging is an electrical service that most experienced electricians from professional electrical services company like Caddy Electrical undertake.

As part of the test and tag, inspections to ensure electrical safety and security, checking the electrical equipment and appliances and weighing in risk factors all fall under the purview of testing and tagging. This is a service Caddy Electrical offers.

In a nutshell, our test and tag services cover:

  • Testing, capturing and reporting the state of the electrical fixtures, switches, switchboards and equipment.
  • Periodic evaluation and assessment to ensure everything is in good condition and there are no safety issues.
  • The electrician will personally check all and any appliances and electrical systems so as to spot any issues and problems. And if there is any, rectify and repair the same.
  • Testing and tagging will help avert any electrical accidents, fires or prevent anything untoward from happening.
  • It is basically undertaken by expert electricians who will be present in person and will visually conduct an inspection in your home in Mornington.
  • The electricians from Caddy Electrical have the necessary testers and equipment to carry out the test and tag service.
  • If any problems or issues are detected in the equipment, we will alert you about the same. And if repairs or replacements have to be taken on, the electricians from Caddy Electrical will do it.
  • Since this is an ongoing service process, once a test and tag is completed and the reports are satisfactory, our electricians will intimate you about the next date when the testing and tagging will be carried out.

For residential or commercial testing and tagging or test and tag of electrical equipment and more, and for regular assessments and inspections, connect with Caddy Electrical. Call us on - 0499 187 048 or write to us at

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