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RCDs and smoke alarm detectors

RCD or Residential Current Device is essentially a safety switch that every home should have installed. The electricians at Caddy Electrical suggest that at least two Residential Current Devices should be installed in every home. This will help prevent any electrical accidents, and also help prevent electrocutions by immediately cutting off the electrical power supply. The RCD will detect any problem or electrical current variations due to some faulty electrical equipment or appliances.

The RCDs that are installed in your Mornington home will not only prevent electrical outages, but will also help protect the lighting systems and power circuits. In a way it will keep a track of the actual electrical current from the switchboard to the other devices.

The importance of smoke alarms or smoke alarm detectors

Just as RCDs have to be installed in your home. The next most important gadget that has to be installed in your home is smoke alarms. Smoke alarm detectors are what indicate a fire, or unusual presence of smoke in your building or home. If you want to protect your family members and also your home or building in Mornington, the best way to go about that is to get smoke alarms installed by expert electricians from Caddy Electrical.

The licensed electricians from Caddy Electrical will also let you know that smoke alarms have to be installed. It is mandatory as per norms and regulations.

Depending upon the area and requisites of any home, the number or type of smoke alarms to be installed in your place in Mornington will be determined by the professional electricians.

If you want smoke alarm detectors to be installed in your home or office or RCD devices to be installed, repaired or servicing to be carried out, connect with Caddy Electrical. Call us on 0499 187 048 or write to us at

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