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Electrician Hastings

Electrician Hastings - Do you want a reliable electrical contractor or commercial electrician for safety switches and other safety installation work in your building? Thinking of exclusively talking to contractors and industrial electrician Hastings for some planned electrical services in your warehouse?

Well, for all this and more there is Caddy Electrical. We may be relatively new in the field but our industrial electricians and electrician Hastings come with immense experience.

So now that we have introduced ourselves, do you want to know of the extensive electrical Hastings work that Caddy Electrical, electrical contractors, residential electrician or domestic electrician Hastings carries out in your home?

Electrical Service Hastings

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Always remember, in case of emergency electrical services work, you can speak to our contractors or to any one of our industrial electricians, commercial electrician, or even domestic electricians depending of course, on the genre of work. For free quotes and other queries, you may email us at cad2009@outlook.com or you can call our industrial electrician Hastings or electrician Hastings at 0499 187 048.