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Expert commercial electricians from Caddy Electrical

In your commercial enterprise or commercial building in Frankston or Dandenong, you want to go in for all-new smoke detectors. And you are looking at overhauling your existing electrical systems and equipment.

Not just this, you are considering a round of switch and switchboard upgrades, rewires, new electrical installations, installing air conditioning systems, fitouts and light fixtures. For all this and more, you need experienced commercial electricians who have a good knowhow about what actual commercial electrical service maintenance, repairs, installations, replacements and upgrades is all about.

What are some of the regular electrical services or electrical service maintenance services sought by commercial building owners? Here are a couple services:

For a commercial new builds, you want all new electrical fixtures, equipment and appliance installations. Not just this, you are planning on installing new fitouts in your commercial space and emergency light testing to be undertaken.

In your existing commercial building, you want test & tag to be undertaken, basically an inspection of the electrical systems, air conditioners installed. Also you want a round of RCD checking, testing and inspection to be carried out.

You are looking at replacing old commercial electrical systems and fitouts and going in for new commercial electrical installations. After installing new light fixtures and lighting systems you want an emergency light testing to be carried out.

For any commercial electrical service maintenance, installations, upgrades, repairs, and replacing old and worn-out electrical systems and appliances, reach out to the professional commercial electricians from Caddy Electrical. Call us on 0499 187 048 or write to us at

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We also offer emergency electrical services for your house or building for which our domestic electricians or our Mornington electrician is just a call away.