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Domestic and commercial air conditioning and split systems installation by Caddy Electrical

What type of air conditioning systems do you own in your home or office? Do you have a split system air conditioner, or do you have a regular, fixed air conditioning system? Whatever type of air conditioning system you have installed or would like to install, you would need to reach out to expert domestic and commercial electricians who are also air conditioning experts.

And if you are looking for domestic or commercial air conditioning installation and experienced electricians to take care of it, reach out to Caddy Electrical.

Our commercial, domestic or residential electrician will help in air conditioning and split systems installations in new builds, industries, homes and office spaces. In addition to installation of new split system air conditioners, our electricians will also undertake the repairs, maintenance, and servicing of your existing air conditioning and split systems.

Also, if you are planning on installing any air conditioning systems or split systems in your home or office and you are not sure what type, the brand or how many are required, you can check with the electricians from Caddy Electrical.

For commercial and domestic air conditioning system installation in new builds, repairs and servicing of split system ACs and other air conditioning systems, that have already been installed, reach out to the professional electricians from Caddy Electrical. Connect with us on our number- 0499 187 048 or write to us at

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We also offer emergency electrical services for your house or building for which our domestic electricians or our Mornington electrician is just a call away.