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Solar installations solar servicing and more from Caddy Electrical!

Solar Panel Installation Mornington
Solar Panel Installers

Everyone’s going solar. And with people adapting to cleaner, ‘green’ energy, Caddy Electrical is very aware about solar power system and battery installations for residences, commercial spaces and even industrial buildings.

And about solar installation, the domestic and commercial electricians from Caddy Electrical engage in these services:

  • Solar installations include solar power systems, solar systems and solar battery installation.
  • If the solar systems are already installed, then you will need solar servicing, maintenance, inverter replacements and if the solar systems are not working to their optimum levels, then our electricians go about an inspection and fault finding in order to detect any issues and rectify the same.
  • Also, if you have any doubts about the solar battery storage and want to know what type of battery storage would be best-suited, you should check with our electricians.
  • If you are installing solar panels and solar power systems in new builds, then get our electricians to carry out the solar installations and more.
  • As part of the solar servicing, our electricians will work towards ensuring the solar panels function well and is always in optimum performance mode.

If you want to ensure that the solar battery storage and solar panels are in optimum performance mode, want regular solar servicing, any inverter replacements and repairs, and any type of solar installation and maintenance, reach out to the domestic or commercial electricians from Caddy Electrical. Connect with us on our number- 0499 187 048 or write to us at

Solar Grid Connect Installation & Maintenance:

If you reside in Melbourne and you have installed solar power systems in your house and you are seeking regular maintenance services, or on the other hand, if you believe in the sustainable way of living and want to go in for solar grid installation in Melbourne, then connect with the residential and commercial solar power panels installers in Melbourne, Caddy Electrical.

Harnessing a natural resource like the sun’s energy to convert to electricity is a great idea. The only thing is that you need to engage experienced solar grid services companies in Melbourne like Caddy Electrical. As part of our solar grid connect and solar grid installation services, we engage in off grid solar power systems installations and maintenance services.

A very obvious question that is uppermost in everyone’s minds including yours is what are the benefits of going in for a solar grid connect and solar grid installation for your home in Melbourne?

We at Caddy Electrical really want to answer this very pertinent question for you:

  • Do you know this? It is said that more than 1 in 10 houses in Australia have solar grid connect on their rooftops and tap into the inexhaustible power of the sun to generate electricity for residential consumption.
  • If you want to reduce your electricity bills that just seem to be mounting, then a solar grid installation is your best answer. And the answer is pretty simple. You are tapping into a renewable energy power that helps generate electricity and this way, your electricity bills are also much lower.
  • Most of all, since you are tapping into something that is so eco-friendly and an energy resource that is freely available in the atmosphere, all that it requires is off grid solar power systems and panels and the expertise of commercial solar power panels installers from solar grid services like Caddy Electrical.

Get a round of solar grid services and install solar power systems in Melbourne and related maintenance services with the aid of the solar grid installation experts at Caddy Electrical. For this, you may call us on 0499 187 048 or email us at

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Solar Panel Installation Mornington Solar Panel Installation Mornington
Solar Panel Installation Mornington
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